Will Lee
Will had a formal musical education at the University of Miami, where he
studied French horn for a year and then s witched to a bass major. After
classes, he worked on bass fundamentals listening to not only the Beatles,
but also Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Miller, The Rascals, Motown, Sly
& the Family Stone, etc. He would put it all into practice six sets a night
gigging with various local bands, including an innovative horn band called

The Will Lee reputation spread throughout the music world, and brought New
York looking for him. Trumpeter Randy Brecker called Will out of class one
day and invited him to NYC to audition for "Dreams". Gold Record In New
York, Will's career soared. He toured with B.J.Thomas, Horace Silver, Bette
Midler, Barry Manilow, The Brecker Brothers, and Herbie Mann. Gaining
experience in the commercial field, Will found himself in high demand. As a
bassist and singer, he's recorded with an extensive array of top performers
including David Sanborn, Boz Scaggs Diane Schuur, Tom Scott, Neil Sedaka,
Carly Simon, Frank Sinatra, Phoebe Snow, Ronnie Spector, The Spinners,
Spyro Gyra, Ringo Starr, Steely Dan, Cat Stevens and Barbra Streisand --
and taken from his discography, these are only some of the "S's"!

In addition, Will played in the New York "24th Street Band" which had great
success in Japan, giving him a solo artist career that yielded him a top 5
single. Most recently, his solo CD entitled "OH!" reached the #1 position on
the "Jazz Beyond" chart there.

Scuba DivingWill can now be seen every week night across the US playing at
the Ed Sullivan Theatre as the bassist with Paul Shaffer and the "CBS
Orchestra" on the wildly popular "Late Show with David Letterman" and you
can hear him playing, singing and speaking on many commercials on both
television and radio.

Visit Will Lee's official website: here
Dennis Chambers : Drums
Will Lee : Bass
Shelah Brody a.k.a. Amuka : Vocals
Kenny Fradley : Trumpet
Crispin Cioe : Sax
Bob Funk, Trombone
Marshall Crenshaw : Guitar Solo
Soozie Tyrell : Vocals
Sherryl Marshall :Vocals
Lisa Lowell : Vocals
Jon Herington : Guitar
Steve Holley : Percussion
Joe Trump : Percussion
Amy Fairchild : Vocals
Sibel Firat : Cello
Adam Widoff : Sitar
Tim Heffernan : Vocals, guitar
Jay Galarneau : Lead guitar
Kimball Trump : Keyboards
Aaron Johnson : Drums.

Recorded at
Pilot Recording Studios,
NYC and mastered at
EMI-Abbey Road/Studio Two London
Will Schillinger

Special thanks go to the original
Chillbone rhythm section Jon Sutters
and Greg Costello. Thank you also to
Steve Unziker for use of his song
Fizzicle Haus, Rob Rudin for the Mystic
Bootie lyric, and Matt Swift and Barth
Anderson for contributions on
Tonight's the Night.  

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