Jon Herington
Jon Herington is " Steely Dan's New Guitar Guy " -- " arguably one of the
most coveted slots in the annals of popular music. And also, potentially, one
of the most intimidating; few musical roles receive the same amount of
examination, discussion, and debate as does this one. But Jon is handling it
all with "perfection and grace," turning out work which, to our minds, often
evokes the melodic and rhythmic heart of cherished recorded versions while
simultaneously displaying his own original and powerful musicality. "-

Jon played on Steely Dan's superb grammy-winning CD, Two Against Nature,
and their latest release, Everything Must Go.

Jon can be seen on Steely Dan's live video and dvd and features on the
Making of Aja video/dvd, from the brilliant Classic Albums series.

Jon has recently finished a world tour with Boz Scaggs and is currently on his
second tour with Steely Dan, promoting the excellent new album Everything
Must Go (also featuring Jon). Visit for more details...

Read more at Jon Herington's web site: here.
Dennis Chambers : Drums
Will Lee : Bass
Shelah Brody a.k.a. Amuka : Vocals
Kenny Fradley : Trumpet
Crispin Cioe : Sax
Bob Funk, Trombone
Marshall Crenshaw : Guitar Solo
Soozie Tyrell : Vocals
Sherryl Marshall :Vocals
Lisa Lowell : Vocals
Jon Herington : Guitar
Steve Holley : Percussion
Joe Trump : Percussion
Amy Fairchild : Vocals
Sibel Firat : Cello
Adam Widoff : Sitar
Tim Heffernan : Vocals, guitar
Jay Galarneau : Lead guitar
Kimball Trump : Keyboards
Aaron Johnson : Drums.

Recorded at
Pilot Recording Studios,
NYC and mastered at
EMI-Abbey Road/Studio Two London
Will Schillinger

Special thanks go to the original
Chillbone rhythm section Jon Sutters
and Greg Costello. Thank you also to
Steve Unziker for use of his song
Fizzicle Haus, Rob Rudin for the Mystic
Bootie lyric, and Matt Swift and Barth
Anderson for contributions on
Tonight's the Night.  

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