Adam Widoff
Adam Widoff played sitar on Part of It.
Adam is a talented multi-instrumentalist who currently can be found playing
guitar with Toshi Reagon and Big Lovely and with P-Funk veterans Clip
Payne, Lige Cury and Gary Shider in a viscious unit called
Drugs. He has
studied Indian music extensively and was a student of sitar master Ustad
Jamaluddin Bhartiya. Adam spend time as guitarist for Lenny Kravitz during
the Let Love Rule era. Other credits include Memorial Garage, Karl Denson,
Mercury Rev, Marc Copely, with David Torn on McKinley on many more live
and studio appearences.

Dennis Chambers : Drums
Will Lee : Bass
Shelah Brody a.k.a. Amuka : Vocals
Kenny Fradley : Trumpet
Crispin Cioe : Sax
Bob Funk, Trombone
Marshall Crenshaw : Guitar Solo
Soozie Tyrell : Vocals
Sherryl Marshall :Vocals
Lisa Lowell : Vocals
Jon Herington : Guitar
Steve Holley : Percussion
Joe Trump : Percussion
Amy Fairchild : Vocals
Sibel Firat : Cello
Adam Widoff : Sitar
Tim Heffernan : Vocals, guitar
Jay Galarneau : Lead guitar
Kimball Trump : Keyboards
Aaron Johnson : Drums.

Recorded at
Pilot Recording Studios,
NYC and mastered at
EMI-Abbey Road/Studio Two London
Will Schillinger

Special thanks go to the original
Chillbone rhythm section Jon Sutters
and Greg Costello. Thank you also to
Steve Unziker for use of his song
Fizzicle Haus, Rob Rudin for the Mystic
Bootie lyric, and Matt Swift and Barth
Anderson for contributions on
Tonight's the Night.  

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